Keaau High School Teachers and Students Receive Legislative Recognition for their Restoration Efforts!

Last month teachers and students of Keaau High School’s Automotive and Construction Academy unveiled a restored space shuttle simulator in a public unveiling. This restoration project was a joint initiative that involved Hawaii Community College's Construction and Electronic Technology Academies, The Hawaii Civil Air Patrol and The Pacific International Space Center For Exploration Systems (PISCES).  

The unveiling marked the 30th anniversary of the NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter Challenger mission and honored NASA astronaut, hero, and Big Island native Ellison Onizuka, who lost his life with other crew members when the spacecraft failed to launch into outer space. 

Today, Keaau High School's Automotive and Construction Academy teachers and students were recognized for their efforts by their state representatives Senator Russell Ruderman and Representative Joy San-Buena Ventura at a town hall meeting.

Congratulations to this very inspiring group of individuals!